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Tired All the time?

Get the Sleep You Need

Lack of sleep leaves us feeling fatigued. 

This is often combined with low mood and no enthusiasm for the things we usually enjoy, as well as feeling that we aren’t quite as sharp mentally as we would like to be (amongst many other things). 

No one would choose to feel like that if they were given the choice, so let me reassure you, this is not something you simply have to put up with.

Whether you’re struggling to get to sleep, staying asleep or waking earlier in the morning than you would like…

...I can help!


Our sleep is as unique as we are, so of course, my services reflect that by being tailored to your specific requirements. 

I generally work with my teenage and adult clients over 6 sessions depending on the severity of their difficulties (this can be weekly or fortnightly). 

My services are for you, so I will be guided by the result you would like to achieve rather than aiming for someone else’s ideas and expectations of how your sleep should look.

An example of the standard package I offer for adults and teenagers is outlined below and gives an idea of what to expect (as well as an indication of the price).  

Following your FREE Sleep Assessment, we may decide that you need more (or less!) support, which will be reflected in the price.

How It Works

My Standard Package


Free Sleep
Assessment Call

Our first step in working together is a free sleep assessment call. During which, we will discuss your current sleep difficulties and any methods you have tried in the past to resolve them.

We’ll also discuss which of my sleep packages is going to be right for you and your unique needs.


& Sleep Diary

The next step is to complete a questionnaire, which asks about your sleep, and other aspects of your lifestyle and general health.

I will also ask you to complete a Sleep Diary on a daily basis for the whole time we are working together. You can submit this using my very own app!

The combination of the questionnaire and sleep diary gives me information about your sleep, and other aspects of your lifestyle that could impact your sleep, including exercise and timings of food and drink.


Sleep Plan

I use the information from your questionnaire and sleep diary to write a Sleep Plan specifically for you.

We’ll discuss this plan in detail during our consultation (aka chat!). 

After our chat, I will email you a report with bespoke suggestions for improving your sleep as well as general information about sleep



Following the consultation, I would then be on hand for 6 weeks. This includes daily contact by email, text or WhatsApp and one follow-up call a week (approximately 30 – 60 minutes depending on your progress).

Throughout our time working together you will continue to keep a sleep diary to ensure we are making progress toward your sleep goal.

Prices from £450 for 6 sessions of support

Additional £30 face-to-face consultations within West London

Please note that your sleep plan is custom-created for your unique needs and will not be directly transferable to another individual. As such, I respectfully request you do not pass on your sleep plans to others.

Should you have friends or a family who you feel would benefit from my services I offer a referral incentive, which I am happy to discuss with you. Alternatively, you can purchase Gift Vouchers here.

What's the next step?

The first step is for us to have a chat!

Use my online calendar to pick a time that will work best for you.

Still got questions?

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At Home & Far Away

In-Person & Video Consultations Available

Available for video consultations for clients around the world.

Face to face consultations available in West London in the UK, including in…

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