The Importance of Reading to Babies & Toddlers

Some of my favorite memories from when my children where small, is snuggling together at the end of the day and reading stories. Reading to babies and toddlers was always an important part of my day. Even now that they are bigger, we still like to snuggle down on my bed all together and read a few chapters. Although it’s not a daily event anymore, it’s still just as special. My kids might be too big for their nightly “Gruffalo” … Read more

Travelling with Children - How to make your trip with kids easy!

How to Make Travelling with Children Easier

Life with little kids can be challenge. Just getting them out the door on time in the morning can seem like a Herculean task! So the idea of travelling with children can make even the most confident parent a little nervous. Not to worry, in this post I’m going to share some of the secrets I’ve learned to make travelling with children easier. The Reality of Travelling With Children I’ve been lucky enough to fly from London to Orlando twice … Read more

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