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Find out what people are saying about Easy Sleep Solutions and how we have helped them regain the peace and quiet their family needs!

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“I would 100% recommend Sam she is amazing! My 13 month old was waking every 2 hours and suddenly in the space of 24 hours he was sleeping in bigger chunks. Sam is always so helpful her advice is spot on she is very knowledgeable no question is to daft its lovely to have someone at the end of the phone to ask these questions and she is very responsive and willing to help. Thank you Sam!”


Child Sleep Client

“While working with Sam to help our little boys early waking I found her to be very approachable,  knowledgeable and caring. She listened carefully to our situation and created a plan around what would best work for our family. For me the biggest help was having Sam at the end of the phone. Daily check-ins offered reassurance and helped to implement the changes successfully.”


Child Sleep Client

“Sam really helped me get clarity on what was preventing me getting a good nights sleep and supported me putting in place new routines and habits that allowed me to go from sporadic good sleep to being much more consistent. It is a holistic lifestyle approach and she really took the time to understand what would work for me individually- it was a really personalised approach. Thanks so much Sam!”


Adult Sleep Client

“Sam was absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly recommend her if you are struggling to sleep. I had been struggling for years and I saw massive improvement in just a couple of weeks.”


Adult Sleep Client

“I would 100% recommend ESS as we were in a right pickle, but now we all actually sleep! And yes – sleep through! Due to baby’s illness we’d got into bad habits which pretty much meant they slept in our bed most nights. I couldn’t sleep with my baby in my bed and I was exhausted. He was waking every half an hour even when sleeping in our bed. It was close to torture.

Then we rang Sam! And we never looked back!From the initial phone call, to our ‘graduation’ phone call this morning, she has been amazing! She made us believe we had the power to make change, and in those dark moments, when you don’t believe you can do it, she is there to cheer you on.

She gave such simple, practical advice, which both myself and my husband could get on board with and it really has changed everything. Not at any point did she ‘judge’ us for the bad habits we got into, nor did I feel embarrassed to tell the truth. She was so supportive and greets you often with an ‘I’ve been there, I know how you feel’ which makes you realise you’re not alone, nor a failure (all of which I felt before).

Unsure if you really want to fork out for a sleep consultant – then just give it a try. What’s a couple of rounds of drinks worth compared to a full nights sleep EVERY night?!

I promise you, you won’t be disappointed – and you will see that gorgeous little bundle of joy, smiley and happy again as they’ve got their all important sleep too! Go on, contact Sam today. Don’t go another night without sleeping.”


Child Sleep Client

“When I contacted Sam I was up nearly 30 times a night with a young babe that was dummy dependent. Neither of us were functioning well during the day because the quality of sleep was terrible. Sam asked great questions as part of assessing the situation, and also understood what tactics I might feel comfortable trying. She was focused on both our well-being with healthy sleep approaches for the long-term. Within 3 days of using her techniques there was huge improvement, and 2 weeks on I now regularly get out of bed just once a night to give a feed! It may sound dramatic, but it’s been positively life altering. Thank you so much Sam! ❤️”


Child Sleep Client

Before: 90-min emotionally draining bedtime battle with a tearful toddler lasting until 21.30h. Too tired to even watch TV as a couple. After: Down to bed at 18.20h, walk out of the room, enjoy rest of evening. 🙂 Working with Sam has been fabulous from beginning to end, she is professional and friendly and super responsive. Our son’s sleep became significantly better within just a few days, but it was really the several weeks of back and forth with small questions (“but what if..?.” and “but what now?”) that allowed us to tweak the approach to where we are now. No understatement to say that this sleep coaching has been life changing…’


Child Sleep Client

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